"Medicine House" Monotype

“Nat szoo ghaa nee (Medicine House) “ 

by Ramon Murillo © , 1998, N.F.S.

3 plate monotype, oil based ink and watercolor, printed on Rives B.F.K. paper.

This image was inspired by a Pomo fertility ritual.

“A Pomo ritual which may have included movement through rock involved the ethnographically-documented petroglyph boulders known as "baby rocks." The spirits of future children dwelled in these rocks, and were born to parents who followed the proper ritual. The wilderness was full of power capable of affecting human fertility, and certain springs, trees, gopher mounds, rocks, mud, and snakes could cause pregnancy. In addition, a female effigy made of clay, and called "Earth Woman," was given to sterile women to insure conception. Apparently, the powers affecting fertility resided beneath the surface of Mother Earth” (Parkman).


Sundance Vision # 1

Artist Statement

Some of my art sprang from participating in a tribal Shoshone ceremony called (Daquteyi We ne) “Standing thirsty for a Vision” in this ceremony, I went four days and nights without food and water, and danced back and forth to a sacred tree, countless hours, day and night. Even in the heat of the summer sun. A couple of days went over 100 degrees. On the third day of dancing, when I passed out, my spirit helper (Agai i Muga a) “Salmon Spirit”, appeared. I listened as it told me to cover myself with cattail reeds and wait out the heat. The result of this vision is a glimpse into the unseen spirit world, and the Image entitled “Blazing Sun and Protector- Salmon Spirit”.  

7 -color Lithograph , 32” x 18”, edition 12, 2005. 


Social-Political Comentary

“Poetic Justice”

This image is from the “Toxic Totem” series. Because of the auto junk yards represent, man’s pollution of mother earth and an eye sore. It is a warning, if  junk and concrete gets out of control in our cities. we will have to pile upwards, and will will not be able to grow cedar trees in our cities. The justice for mother earth is being able to grow trees on top of the concrete and metal junk.

Poetic Justice1.jpg

Ramon's Art Studio at Lummi Gateway Center

I moved in august of 2012. This is an incubator studio, 14' x 12'. Part of a Ventures grant for Native American artist who need to start a business, making artworks. My studio is primarily printmaking, non toxic etching, including drum making and acrylic painting. From left to right, vertical Etching tank (red), sink, paper soaking tray, storage shelves, photo etching camera/ print files, far right airbrush booth, center, etching press, drafting table.

My Art Studio.

Print - "Water Alter"

This print was influenced after visiting the Coronado site, Kuana Pueblo, in New Mexico. My tribe Shoshone also made pictographs. My intention is to make art that uses traditional imagery with clues of modern society. Can you guess the modern part in this artwork?
The concept is we need water to support all life. Especially with water shortages and water pollution. I believe in the near future, that water will replace our dependency on oil. and cost of water will soar. Symbolically the skeleton of the salmon is an endless fountain bringing water to the merman and mermaid, symbolic of all life.

The modern parts of the image are the mermaid and merman, as there was no part in Shoshone legends.

Media- Etching, aquatint, rolled ink, airbrushed acrylic, on Arches 88 black paper,       34" x 24", 2012.