Sundance Vision # 1

Artist Statement

Some of my art sprang from participating in a tribal Shoshone ceremony called (Daquteyi We ne) “Standing thirsty for a Vision” in this ceremony, I went four days and nights without food and water, and danced back and forth to a sacred tree, countless hours, day and night. Even in the heat of the summer sun. A couple of days went over 100 degrees. On the third day of dancing, when I passed out, my spirit helper (Agai i Muga a) “Salmon Spirit”, appeared. I listened as it told me to cover myself with cattail reeds and wait out the heat. The result of this vision is a glimpse into the unseen spirit world, and the Image entitled “Blazing Sun and Protector- Salmon Spirit”.  

7 -color Lithograph , 32” x 18”, edition 12, 2005.