"Medicine House" Monotype

“Nat szoo ghaa nee (Medicine House) “ 

by Ramon Murillo © , 1998, N.F.S.

3 plate monotype, oil based ink and watercolor, printed on Rives B.F.K. paper.

This image was inspired by a Pomo fertility ritual.

“A Pomo ritual which may have included movement through rock involved the ethnographically-documented petroglyph boulders known as "baby rocks." The spirits of future children dwelled in these rocks, and were born to parents who followed the proper ritual. The wilderness was full of power capable of affecting human fertility, and certain springs, trees, gopher mounds, rocks, mud, and snakes could cause pregnancy. In addition, a female effigy made of clay, and called "Earth Woman," was given to sterile women to insure conception. Apparently, the powers affecting fertility resided beneath the surface of Mother Earth” (Parkman).