Print - "Water Alter"

This print was influenced after visiting the Coronado site, Kuana Pueblo, in New Mexico. My tribe Shoshone also made pictographs. My intention is to make art that uses traditional imagery with clues of modern society. Can you guess the modern part in this artwork?
The concept is we need water to support all life. Especially with water shortages and water pollution. I believe in the near future, that water will replace our dependency on oil. and cost of water will soar. Symbolically the skeleton of the salmon is an endless fountain bringing water to the merman and mermaid, symbolic of all life.

The modern parts of the image are the mermaid and merman, as there was no part in Shoshone legends.

Media- Etching, aquatint, rolled ink, airbrushed acrylic, on Arches 88 black paper,       34" x 24", 2012.